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Double jersy with stripers

Machine characteristics1、 Machine configuration on the two, under the four section of the triangle 2、The yarn feeding nozzle adopts the ceramic yarn nozzle3、Using self-developed vertical color head, can rollover function.

Product introduction

Machine Characteristic

1、Using the latest research triangle:Machine configuration on the two, the next four section of the runway design, but also reflects the performance of the machine and practical, and make the machine woven fabric more clear, smooth, vertical and reached the international level.

2、Design of feed yarn:Specially designed for this machine uses the more human design, longitudinal and the yarn more stable escorted to the knitting area and in regulation is more simple, quick.

3、The use of independent research and development of vertical head:Simple mechanical design, volume, light operation and automatic and mechanical reset device, a yarn cutter can be easily dismounting and accumulation of yarn hair, convenient cleaning and maintenance of the advantages, in production can adapt to various raw materials of yarn

4、Operating system: using cash clear and bright LCD touch screen, and also through the USB link on the screen to enter and confirm the loom need to weave data, data switching, this system is general and easy to understand. The machine head is more stable with electromagnet.

5、Control system:The use of advanced clear, bright LCD touch screen, can also be connected to the USB through the screen to enter and confirm the need to weave the data, data switch, this system is universal and easy to understand.

Technical Specifications