Single jersey jacquard with stripers

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Single jersey jacquard with stripers

Machine characteristics1、Unique “back button” in the design of the leaf bed;2、Bold innovation, the hanging hanging yarn and knitting yarn Tsui Tsui, avoid friction;3、Using self-developed vertical color head, can rollover function.

Product introduction

Machine characteristic

1. Leaf bed triangulation:Bed of leaves triangular using anti buckle type design, so that the river bed of leaves and leaf ring parts of parallel, and can be adjusted easily, not easy to accumulate the yarn hair, cleaning time saving, convenient and quick.

2. Leaf bed triangulation:Bold innovation, change traditional cover yarn mouth method, makes the machine in operation to avoid friction yarn nozzle and needle, the needle longer life and reduce the loss, more for customers to save the cost of production.

3. Guide wheel device:Bold change the way in the past, the past “spandex” warp knitting Tsui transported to the region. Now through the guide wheel directly spandex transport to the knitting area, make spandex in the weaving process of conveying the buildup of time points are greatly reduced.

4. The use of independent research and development of vertical head:Simple mechanical design, volume, light operation and automatic and mechanical reset device, a yarn cutter can be easily dismounting and accumulation of yarn hair, convenient cleaning and maintenance of the advantages, in production can adapt to various raw materials of yarn.

5. Control system:The use of advanced clear, bright LCD touch screen, can also be connected to the USB through the screen to enter and confirm the need to weave the data, data switch, this system is universal and easy to understand.

6. High speed three power position electromagnet needle selection technology:(ring, ring, float), can make the fabric to achieve high-speed, stable effect.

Technical Specifications